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Rick E Patterson is a licensed General Contractor, with over 45 years of experience of remodeling and repairing thousands of homes. His expertise in the home improvement industry comes from his professional military education at the USAF Civil Engineering Div. School of Carpentry, and appointment as Supervisor of 1.8M sq. ft. of Roofing at Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls TX.

Rick is favorably referred to as the “Go-To-Guy” to thousands of homeowners who struggle with managing their home maintenance and repairs. He gained notoriety early on in his career as a “Handyman Expert” excelling in his innate, creative abilities to quickly analyze and provide practical solutions to home maintenance issues.

He’s the founder/CEO of Pretty Handy Guys Home Service Pros, now headquartered in Jackson Wyoming. Pretty Handy Guys has remained the leading handyman company in Georgia since 1998. Under Rick’s strong leadership in ethical business standards and a genuine heart to partner with homeowners and their home maintenance management, Pretty Handy Guys has additional locations in Texas.

Rick launched his second "startup" business venture in 2009 on YouTube featuring his ability to effectively communicate to the public about home maintenance and repairs tips and solutions through DIY how-to videos. His popular YouTube channel, “The Handyman Toolbox” has an amazing +12 Million DIY viewers wanting to learn how to be a Home Improvement DIY’er.

From his experience in sharing his insights and expertise through video productions, Rick has expanded his reach to others through his own ROKU TV Network, HSPN The Home Service Pros Network.

Additionally, Rick is not just a “handyman business guru”, but rather a “handyman business practitioner”, and continues his mentoring leadership skills in the handyman industry to bring value to hundreds of handyman business owners in growing their business quickly to double, triple, or even 10X their sales and profits.

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